Visitors of Vrijmiboot events are to accept a body search at the entrance when requested.


According to Dutch law the organisation must ask the visitor to show their ID.


Vrijmiboot reserves the right to deny a visitor access at all times. 


Visitors are obliged to report use of special medication to security. Security will refer these visitors to the First Aid where they have the possibility to leave their medication during the event.


Own consumptions, cans, glassware and incendiary material is prohibited at the event and not allowed to be brought inside.


Drugs are prohibited. This applies to personal use as well as sales.Visitors that possess drugs will be assigned to the police.


Weapons are strictly prohibited. Be smart and make sure to leave all objects which may be considered as weapons at home. Objects that can be used as weapons will be taken into custody.


It’s prohibited to exercise any commercial activity at and around the event location. 


Visiting the event is at your own risk.


Vrijmiboot reserves the right to adjust the event policy at all times.


Recordings produced by image and audio carriers on our events are allowed to be used by Vrijmiboot without the obligation to (financially) provide the recorder / holder of this material a compensation.


All events organised by Vrijmiboot request a minimum age of 18 years and in some cases 21 years. In case of doubt you are obliged to show an ID. If you are not 18 years or in some cases 21 years old or not able to provide an ID you will be denied access to the event. The minimum age per event is written in the event description. 


Vrijmiboot events are accessible for disabled visitors. No separate areas are available for disabled visitors and in some cases, not all areas are accessible for disabled visitors. For questions please email


To secure the safety of all our visitors, re-entry to the event after your ticket is scanned is prohibited.


Vrijmiboot does not take liability for damage or loss of property, or physical condition of visitors.


Individuals who misbehave will be removed from the event area by our security staff.


It’s prohibited to bring (semi) professional camera equipment to the event unless a press accreditation was given out. Selfie sticks are not allowed.


Vrijmiboot does not take liability for damage that has directly or indirectly been caused by inaccuracies, issues caused by spreading information via internet or technical malfunctions. 


Cancellations or restitution of bought tickets or coins/tokens is not possible. Vrijmiboot works with a non-refund policy.


Vrijmiboot is not liable for hearing impairment. We strongly advise visitors of our events to wear hearing protection.